Zeit Responsive time travel tourism website
Zeit is an easy to use time travel tourism website that makes browsing and booking trips a breeze. View trip details, select activities and filter via interests for an unique and personalized travel experience. You can view the prototype here.


I conducted a competitive analysis and user interviews to understand the user and the current travel booking process. After collecting observations, I created an empathy map and storyboard to synthesize the data and identify the needs and frustrations of the user.
Competitive Analysis


Next, I determined the overlapping goals between business and the user as well as any technical challenges that may arise. From there, I created and prioritized a feature roadmap and developed the information architecture of the site which included a sitemap and user flow.
Business + User Goals
User Flow


After building out the information architecture, I created low-fidelity wireframes of each screen and eventually upgraded those sketches to mid-fidelity and high-fidelity responsive wireframes.
Mid-Fidelity Responsive Wireframe
High-Fidelity Responsive Wireframe


To design the logo and the user interface components, I chose a few adjectives that I wanted the brand to reflect. From there, I researched design patterns, created a set of icons, a style tile and finally a UI Kit that best represented the brand message of Zeit.
Style Tile


To prototype, I used Invision and conducted an usability test with some participants from the initial user interviews and new participants. I then created an affinity map to organize the feedback and data which led me to a set of patterns that I prioritized and included in my next iteration.
Affinity Map


My next step consisted of creating a redlining document to handoff to developers. For this, I used Zeplin to created a comprehensive styleguide and included all the necessary assets. In terms of challenges, research was the one that stood out the most. Being in an innovative space, like time travel, there weren’t users that had prior experience so I had to focus on what core information I was really looking for. In the competitive analysis, I stuck to travel companies and services, but looking back, I should have included companies that thrived in innovation like SpaceX or Tesla. As with all challenges, I’ve learned something new that I will be able to apply in future projects.